Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

25/8: Day 10

To begin with, our day started slow and up until lunch it was very relaxing. People had time to socialize and do some activities on their own like table tennis or dancing rehearsals or (our favourite activity) playing with Picasso.

After having lunch, we rested again and at 4 o’ clock the Spanish team had a workshop to reflect on our personal learning we acquired throughout these past several days with the help of sports activities. We wrote in big pieces of paper about what we loved about the activities we partook, e.g. volleyball was to do with our opinions about the people of the project, basketball was correlated with facilities (e.g. food, environment of our place of stay), football was about something new we learned in this project and lastly, Frisbee was the activities we did the past few days and our views on them.

As we previously mentioned, 25th of August was a chilled day as we were very tired from the day before due to our shenanigans in the Otepää Adventure Park. The evening was consisted of some socializing and a very interesting party. Some of us went to the sauna for the second time during our stay in Marja Talu puhkehkompleks and later on joined the others in dancing and having lots of fun.

In conclusion, this day was exactly what we needed: a bit of relaxing, a bit of reflecting and a bit of partying and sauna to finish the day off.

-         Christos & Sonya

Monday, 24 August 2015

Day 9, 24 August

Today was a very special day because it was Suli's birthday. Suli we hope you enjoyed your day very much!

In the morning we had to wake up really early because we had to go to Otepää's adventure park. It was very challenging for people who had a fear of heights and falling. We had even some brave people who did the last track what was callled "The death track".
Estonian girls bought Suli a birthday present -  to go to the catapult. After he did a few others did it also... Soooooo much fun. In the end we rolled all down the hill together.

We had lunch in a place called Herman's pub.. We think that everyone missed Marja Talu's food :)

Then we had free time to discover Otepää. People went shopping and did what they wanted.

We all met again to go to Pühajärve's lake.The weather was very sunny and nice so we spent some awesome time. Some people said that it reminded them a little bit home.

At home in the evening we started to celebrate Suli's birthday. Portuguese girls made a lovely dance choreography surprise for Suli... was it heavenly or what? ;) ;)
Everyone liked it so much that they wanted the girls to also teach them.. so we started to dance all together.

We all feel so close that it is very sad to think that soon the project is going to be finished.. we try to make every day count and enjoy every moment.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Day 8, 23.08.

The day of 23 started as a beautiful sunny day, breakfast was delicious as always. Then people went about their day, enjoying the free morning.
Some people decided to do new things, like sleeping on the trampoline J (Portuguese group). SULI and the GANG went to Tõrva to plan and buy supplies for the SURPRISE TREASURE HUNT.

Lunch was lunch! J

The afternoon session was about self-reflection, but what really happened was “SELF-RELAXATION”… which people the Spanish didn’t put to sleep, the Estonian meditation session had that mission accomplished. J

The treasure hunt was mysterious and fun… people were scared, screamed, but mostly laughed! The “Hide and Kiss” game was fun and INTERACTIVE! The night ended with a party and a deserved rest!

Here you can see, what our participants thought about 8th day!

Treasure hunt with a lot of scareing!

After meditation sessioon participants were still in a relaxing mood!

All the best,
Elen, Joana & Serban

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 7th
  Canoeing time!

It was a new day, and we were all excited about the adventure that we would be doing!
After breakfast, our adventure started by walking to Torva on foot for some several ... but due to the fact that we were so entertained hanging around with each other that time flew!

Finally we arrived to our destiny, the instructor of the canoas waited. But our experience was a new once, for other ones was not. We were all with a positive energy, expecting to have a very good time.

 there was a lot of handicaps, but as always with a good mood and smiles were there too.
It was about 4/5 hours padeling, 2 hours going up and down that scary river.
This Adventure gave us positive points like more confidence in the group, helping the others who was in a difficult situation.

After we finished that adventure, we had some free time to go to the city, relax a bit, or buy some things at the market.
Our way back to the house was on foot too, so we were all very tired.
finally, just say that it was so difficult, but it worthed it.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Day 6 - Torva Jumping Tower, Estonian Museum, Sex Change Night

Our wonderful day started by walking 5km to the Torva Jumping tower, 11 meters jump that some of the bravest got a chance to jump.

However this beast is split in 4 levels, escalating to the highest 11 meters! I have to say that after jumping the highest one, it was a fear overcomed!

After a lot of jumping, we had to walk back again, on the way, we stopped by a museum.

 This museum contained historical items, from Valga history line. We saw a sample of a historical house in Valga, how small the beds were for two people, we saw farming items/equipment, and other general items, for example, to take off shoes, wash clothes, pianos, how people would dress in the old days, and even Soviet union uniform and flags.

We have reached the night, this was one of the funniest nights in the exchange, because girls were boys, and boys were girls, (pics of sex gender change), In this night, we had a catwalk, and to end the night, we had a auction to sell the finnest booty, man and women, with Harry being the auctioneer, he knows how to sell human bodies!

 To finish, we had a full day of experience, special overcoming your fears of heights, knowing a bit more about estonia, and having a laugh at the end of the night.

Love you all! ♥

Made By: Katia, Xeli, Pedro

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Day 5 - Estonian Re-Independence day :)

Day 20th august

On the 5th day we started with a debate about gender issues. We were in the volley net and we had and statement; we have to be divided in 2 groups depending on your opinion about the statement. Some of them were very controversial and the debate was intense, but fortunately there were no injuries.

In the afternoon, Greece organized some games that required communication skills. The first thing that we had to do was find a partner. Then, we created 2 circles and walk while music was playing. When the music stopped, we had to find our partner and jump into his/her back. Carmen and Rodri won the game. ;)

The second game we played was called “Apples”. There were 4 people throwing 2 balls and everyone else was gathered in the middle trying to avoid being hit by the balls, because if it hit you, you die. Moreover, if you caught the ball, you earned a life. Again, Rodri won that game (because he is a goalkeeper).

In the evening, Estonian girls prepared a barbeque, while other people were cutting wood for the bonfire. We were celebrating Estonian Independence day. After dinner we all sat around the fire. The bravest ones jumped over the fire (Estonian tradition). Then we ate marshmallows which were melted on the fire. We had a good night outside, looking at the stars, dreaming about our future... After that, we came back to the house and the party continued there. Let’s stop there…